Tracy Irvine

Tracy Irvine is a spa blogger with over 25 years experience as a salon owner, employer and coach.

With a healthy willingness to try new things she has travelled the world, discovering beauty, spa and wellness adventures for as long as she can remember.

Most recently she completed a four year trip around USA, Costa Rica, Guatamala and Mexico where she visited and consulted with a wide variety of salons and alternative practitioners.

She started a blog to record her experiences. Combined with friends asking about her discoveries, she also found business owners were interested in how other countries do beauty and health.

Salon Supremacy beauty review & competition website was subsequently created!

Whether you see her here at SalonSupremacy or at SalonSupremacyPro (her coaching business for professionals) her mission is to inspire people to indulge their curiosity about the beauty industry, and to try something new.

“ I write about businesses and owners who have passion, vision, and a difference to stand out. I love sharing stories of radical treatments and beauty and wellness conversation topics.

I know the vulnerability businesses face getting their message out there in a unique and compelling way.
In every instance this is about them; getting across their core values and wonderful offerings to those waiting to be informed.

Lastly, I believe everyone should have the chance to try a treatment if they wish. Our competitions are fun, and a great way to get lucky by being pampered.

Everyone deserves a treat within the most beautiful industry in the world.”