Appointment With A Vampire

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Thrilling With Horror, Beauty Results Are In.

Looking one’s age is an existence not everyone is comfortable with. Some have a lifelong commitment to look young, others have an impending need to be attractive for an upcoming occasion.
These facts are the lifeblood of beauty salons.
What better way to come up with a nail-on-the-money beauty treatment – The Vampire Facial.
As an ever-hopeful (over 40) I was willing to overlook my needle misgivings for this beauty junkie purpose. The notoriety was all so intriguing. Face it, who wants to have their own blood siphoned from their arm and re-injected back into their face?

What Was The Treatment Like?

Maribel Aleman along with her colleague Diana are nurses as well as beauty therapists. Working inside a hospital in Puerto Vallarta, they have chosen to combine their skills with medical machines, gifting youth to Mexico.

On the day of my appointment I entered this hospital where what I call “Medspas” are commonly located.  Ready to give blood (to myself) I lay on the bed. Maribel did the usual to draw from my arms, resulting in 5 small vials of my Scottish heritage to be spun in a centrifuge machine. This process separates the clot from the platelet rich serum, leaving the serum to be injected back into your face, and then the red part applied as a selfsame mask.

Much attention was given to show me new blister-packed needles, clean machines etc , showing professionalism and giving trust.


Diana then performed a facial on me – cleanse, peel, steam, pore cleansing, high frequency to calm, and also a bit dermaplaning, which feels like an electric toothbrush for skin.
This took around an hour and I was composed, ready to see what was next.
Maribel came back with my divorced  blood, extracting the sexy serum from the vial into her large needle, leaving the clot (red part) to be used later.
I enthusiastically asked at this point how many injections I would be receiving.
Eighty, (80!) was the answer.
Maribel assured she had a “good hand” and I was not to worry.
She started to inject very quickly on my cheeks. No anesthetic gel was used and it felt like someone was sticking push-pins into my face. It didn’t seem to be requiring  precision, unlike dermal fillers or Botox. She moved onto my forehead area, around my eyes and finally the chin, which oddly felt the most uncomfortable.
The process is basically a way to allow your body to improve the collagen and texture of your skin. Your own plasma is very rich in growth factors, and therefore can be injected into your skin to stimulate collagen. (Note here, perfect for those who have allergies to Botox or fillers).

Afterwards my face felt like it was swelling quickly, not unlike bee stings. More high-frequency was applied and this greatly soothed. The complete injection time had taken ten minutes.
In the end I did come face to face with my own exclusive claret, as Maribel applied the blood. This was not left on long, maybe one minute. Maribel told me they don’t leave it on long, as the skin is porous after the dermaplaning, susceptible to pigmentation marks.


The Aftermath

That evening I was able to go out with friends. A few pinpricks on my cheeks were barely visible and I was already starting to take on an ethereal glow. My face felt tight, a little red, but in the Mexican humidity nobody noticed.

Over the next few weeks I noticed a big difference in the size of the pores and fine lines on my face. Some hollowness under the eyes also filled out nicely, plus skin texture was dewy and calm.

 Round one, my vampire experience was over. I didn’t even have to go out after dark…..


Video of Vampire facial.

Round 2, Laser Skin Tightening

A month later I was invited back to try a different treatment which I believe is more of a temporary facelift. so again in a quest for eternal beauty I accepted graciously. I knew it would be a wise and worthy decision as I had already seen a difference with the Vampire Facial. 
This time I was escorted into the room where they have their YAG Laser ProU machine. Being a jack-of-all trades laser, it’s the very same one Maribel uses to do hair removal. 
She applied a peel to my face, and ten minutes later the treatment commenced. She put sunbed goggles over my eyes and started by placing the hand-piece of the machine to my face. As it made it’s usual beeping noises I could feel a warm sensation wherever she placed the node. It produces a laser -light source , to heat collagen under the skin’s surface, resulting in an immediate smoother, more youthful appearance. It was pleasant, not painful.

She started on one side and I could honestly feel the tightening as she worked away. After 15 minutes one side was complete, and a quick look in the mirror confirmed half of me was already 10 years younger.
She evened me out, and I left the office looking truly firmer-faced. No redness, no downtime; just stay out of the sun advice again.
Off I went to do my errands in the shopping mall across the road.


Laser Skin Tightening with Maribel.  WARNING : Video contains some flash lighting.

Which Did I Like Best?

Over the next few weeks I received comments both in person and online as to why I got these done, what where the results etc.
I would say it depends on your facial shape, tone and age. The Vampire Facial plumped up my skin, which I didn’t need as I still have a very round, chubby face. It made my face feel bigger, and I don’t need volume replacement. It was great for open pores, fine lines and a glow. I was pleased with the way it plumped hollowness under my eyes.

The laser skin-tightening suited me better. Chubby cheeks don’t come without jowls, and this treatment really slim-lined my jawline, disappearing the folds from nose to mouth, mouth to jaw. 

In conclusion, I like to think of myself as a moderate, with views in both directions – both as a professional and as a client. These treatments for me can be summed up easily…. they can certainly spook you, but make you want/ need them at the same time.

Do one thing a day that scares you? These two were mine.

More information on prices, appointments etc can be found at YourSkinBoutique  




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