Casually Mentioning a Tantric Massage

I’ll Casually Mention- I Went for a Tantric Massage!

Overlooking the Bay of Banderas and the Sierra Madre mountains, the Gringo Gulch in Puerto Vallarta houses unique casas and businesses. 

Perhaps one of the best kept secrets within this colonia is Casa de Árbol, the city’s very own Tantra Experience Centre!

This summer I ended up living almost next door. Never being one to lose my sense of wonder I went ahead and booked  in for the experience offered – The Shiva’s Dance – a tantric experience!

Meet And Greet

Casa de Árbol is home and business to Reinhard and Yair who have lovingly restored the high-perched property into a haven for relaxation.

I approached the wrought-iron gate and rang the traditional cowbell. I was already feeling a sense of mystery as I peered into the garden with the huge 400 year-old tree.

400 year-old tree.

Yair directed me to outdoor seating with breathtaking views over the city. I then met Reinhard and had an informal consultation over a cool glass of water. This consisted of asking me what I expected and a chat about all things tantra. 

We discussed the two types, Neo and Classic, the emphasis being on the one they practice – the Classic – the traditional, the original. Reinhard explained that the Shivas Dance experience is not intended to be a sexual practice, but instead a health-promoting, holistic experience, awakening all of the chakras.

I was told I would receive a high-quality massage, based on the secrets and symbols of old Eastern philosophy, coupled with Western techniques. My muscle system would calm down automatically and my brainwaves would be brought into an “Alfa and Theta ” relaxed state. During the ceremony there would be no verbal communication, just spiritual communication in another dimension. It could potentially offer healing and erotism.

I was intrigued and excited to proceed.

What Was Tantric Massage Like?

I opted to go for the 2 hands massage performed by Yair. He took me through the property into a room with massage area, shower and bathroom. Adorned with feathers and beads, crystals and potions, the space radiated mystery.


The massage bed was positioned directly in front of an open window where the fresh air breeze swept white curtains around the impending view of the jungle.

Yair advised me to take a hot shower and relax on the bed. Enchanting, powerful music started to play and I could smell incense perfuming the air in the room. The 2 hour experience was about to commence.


I was lying on my stomach on the bed and areas of tension and knots in my back were being located and worked on. Aware that feathers were also being used gently on my skin I started to let go and unwind. Feelings of time and space were taking a different consciousness, as I silently thanked myself for having the bravery to try something new.

The massage was unlike a usual massage. Each move on the body is based on holy symbols, communicating with the sub-consciousness. Therefore in tantric the moves are not abrupt. They merge into each other, giving the impression there is no beginning, nor an end. They are specific, at no time repeating the same spot, getting smaller or bigger, stronger or softer, moving downwards or upwards. But never random. Likewise the music, with each and every touch surrounded by supporting sequences. 

The entire massage is dance choreography and whilst he was working on my legs and feet and I was aware Yair was dancing to the music, getting into his own meditative state and rhythm.

Potions and bottles.

On turning over a blindfold scarf was placed over my eyes and the rest of the massage commenced with more feather stroking. I was now feeling at one with all, and happy in the knowledge we were only half way.
Only at one point did body closeness come to a maximum, as Yair got on the bed too. He lifted my lower body on top of his, so he could massage my lower back and buttock area. This was really nothing different from any other massage technique, just done from a different angle. It was pleasant, and in no way felt awkward or uncomfortable.

As time passed, feelings of time disappeared. Emotionally my mind drifted between thoughts – stuff that usually goes on in my head, and the realization of how silly some of it is. In the same manner I was  perceiving what was around me – the nature, the energy in the room, and the fact that I was being cherished in a safe environment. 

Nothing remotely sexual had occurred, yet a sense of deep connection  to each other came, simply through the art of relaxation. 

At the end I pulled the scarf from my eyes and I noticed Yair was  naked……. but so was I. Who cares? It wasn’t  a big deal, and realistically was half expected. 

I took another hot shower whilst Yair went to to prepare healthy juice. Afterwards we chatted for a good 30 minutes on what I had gotten out of the experience, and we chit-chatted about life.

Who would like?

Couples a must, especially for romantic occasions. Alternatively a single person can also opt for a 4-hands massage – exhilarating and totally mesmerizing.

In essence there are times in life where we don’t feel safe or loved,  and this is a chance to really let go, forget about mediocre nonsense and have a bit of time to oneself.

Life is full of choices so unless you are prudish, do not dismiss. If you want to be at one with all – nature, energy, emotions, perceptions and your heart, do it! 

There is of course more to say, but it might be enough to mention that on first thoughts or impressions tantra massage may indeed resemble traditional massage- but it’s far from it.

It wasn’t just massage on a table. It was an enchanting visit to a different world!

Sweeping views.

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