Soft-Wave Scenes of Janzu.

During a vacation we search for ways to relax, try something different, and for many, spend time in the mysterious, blue ocean. When I heard a treatment called Janzu could encompass all three I contacted David Alejandro, a qualified instructor in this avant-garde, buoyant therapy.


Janzu was created by two individuals, Megumi Banno and Juan Villatoro Garza who first met in India around 1997, whilst studying as disciples under an Indian godsman.

To the highest disciplines Banno already had Buddhism, martial arts and meditation under her belt, whilst Garza knew water therapies from Japan which he shared with Banno, recognising her natural draw to healing and her deep relationship with water.

Garza passed in 2006 and Banno formed Janzu International in 2009, encompassing Garza’s trainings.

David Alejandro starts the session in prayer.

Playing In The Pool

A swimming-pool seemed a good option to splash into the world of aquatic relaxation. I walked over to a friend’s condo with David where a number of residents and friends were socializing. Prepared for anything I tentatively stepped into their lagoon-type oasis towards a new and seemingly endless, turquoise landscape.

David and I shrieked the second we submerged, shocked at the coldness. Wading out to the center and taking my cue I bowed my head when he asked to pray. His prayer was silent; a clue the professional would receive a personal experience alongside the receiver.

After a couple of minutes he lifted me into his arms and held my body parallel to the surface, swaying me back and forth. I asked if it was correct to close my eyes to which he replied yes.
The last my vision captured was the unusually grey sky and the palm trees swinging victoriously above us. I had shutter-closed the lens of my life on dry land.

The Beginning.

Initially I felt frozen, which I hate. I could still hear voices and laughter, though conversations were now becoming muffled by the rhythmic water swirling around my ears and amidst the shimmering bubbles I wondered if my should be doing something more zen-like; perhaps making my limbs look like they instinctively knew the art of Janzu. I even wondered if I should be smiling.

Led by David, some instantaneous and wondrous laps through the never-ending water put a stop to silly notions. I realized I had to let go, not care what I looked like, and trust him with the whole experience.

My breath was being forced to take on a deeper, faster pace as we moved in strong, wavelike movements, crushing force against the calm, aquamarine ripples. I was being carried such as a groom lifts his bride across the threshold.

With just my face above water we embraced rapid water glides, which seemed as if I went dancing on a whim, or even iceskating, and it was all so easy, so effortless to master. These fleeting moments gave way to half exhilaration/ half terror, with tremendous new feelings of a support system throughout. The refreshing water and an invisible force were guiding me through the shameless, transitory glides. They felt daring and jubilant.



We would then slow down to ordinary, peerless submerges. To both my reflexes and mind these mellow moments were faultless and quietly intimate. My semi-consciousness happily daydreamed of peaceful water voyages on the ocean.
The smooth, scintillating 
trickles on my skin gave way to an unusual feeling of excitement. I can distinctively remember wondering if Janzu was teaching me that tranquility or calm does not need to be boring, and being that daring doesn’t have to be exhausting, stressful or scary.

Gradually the movements all stopped. There was stillness, with anticipation of a metamorphosis yet to come. Outside noise came back and I felt I should open my eyes to reality.
I was guided to the edge of pool and David lifted my legs up one at a time to do massage on my feet. He spoke saying that I should stay still as long as I wished.

Crystal Clarity In Ever-Changing Waters

After what seemed a grand amount of time he asked me what was I feeling.

I actually, truly cannot remember what I said, which shows how out of it I was.
Whatever I said David had replied just one word – “WOW.” 

Wow, is a universal word, understood in any language in every country. I guessed my explanation had made some sense.

I had captured in my psyche the reminder that I do not, and cannot have full control over everything. During my session there had been the complete knowledge I was safe alongside my championing ally who was effortlessly in charge, yet at the same time there was little awareness there was another human in the water.
In some ways I feel Janzu mirrors real life. There’s a definite beginning, some hardship and difficulties, an ocean- depth of fun and joy, and throughout it all you are wistful – because you know it will all end too soon.


Splish-splash, having a laugh.

Who Would Like This?

Janzu would appeal to anyone who likes contemporary therapies, those with a strong draw to be in or water, or simply anyone who needs to be quiet to listen to their own heart.
If you love meditation, or are on a personal development journey give this a go.

Lastly I would recommend to people who are looking to sleep well. I had the perfect night of dreaming after this.

Level Up

There are four levels of Janzu, the one described above is Level One.
The next three spend more time under the water and include deeper work.

Go without expectations and go with the flow. The treatment will give you what you need on the day, and meeting David is truly a pleasure.


In Puerto Vallarta David charges $650 pesos for a session. You can contact him on 322 888 4737, or email him at His Facebook contact is here.







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  1. Wow. I have been looking for something, but unaware of what. Reading this, my root actually demanded that we do this. Said it was absolutely necessary. I am going to contact him and schedule.

    1. No, non-swimmers can participate in all Levels. I believe one is still held onto, by wrists and ankles, the more confident they get. I too am a non-swimmer.

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